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Merrick Bully Sticks
Family business established about 20 years ago, Merrick Pet Care has grown into a national brand that guarantees the highest quality dog treats made in the United States of America from USDA sourced ingredients in accordance with American standards and regulations. Merrick brand means no artificial preservatives in dog chews.

Merrick Bully Sticks are one of the most famous and favorite among all beef pizzle dog treats, with irresistible flavor and great benefits for dogs dental health. We promise this is not an allegation - over the past couple of years Merrick dog treats have been featured by Pet Retailer Report as number one brand for dog treats in the USA.

Saving tips for buying Merrick bully sticks online

Compare prices for this popular dog chew before purchase. You will be surprised to find over two-fold difference or even more! Here at Bully Sticks for Dogs our valuable customers will find not only the best price for Merrick bully sticks, but also attractive offers for bulk orders, as well as wholesale bully stix with free shipping. Take note that price of the Merrick brand dog treats considerably depends on the quantity you buy. Thus our wholesale Merrick bully sticks case of 100 gives you an opportunity to save over 40% compared to the cost of a single chew stick.

For introducing Merrick bully sticks to your pet, ordering a few single stix may be the right choice. No, we have no slightest doubt that your dog will fall in love with these treats, but a test (usually small) buy is common for pet parents, isn't it? Go ahead, give it a try and don't wonder if it gets a staple at your house.
"I have two German Shepherds and they have a lot of energy. When I need them to calm down for a bit they both get one bully stick each and it is hours of calm!.."

Merrick Bully Stick, Single
6 and 12 Inch

Price from: $3.95

Buy Merrick Bully Stick, Single
Dog owners always want the best for their pets, and Merrick bully sticks is the right choice in this respect indeed. Another offer for pet lovers purchasing Merrick bully sticks for the first time - small quantity and good price are combined together.
"These bully stix are the best I've bought. They are made in the USA and are better quality than others on the market. They're not inexpensive, but they last a long time."

10-Pack Merrick Bully Sticks
6'' and 12'' Length
10 Bully Sticks Pack

Price from: $37.79

Buy 10-Pack Merrick Bully Sticks
Healthy dog chews made in USA under American regulations and standards. Free of preservatives and chemicals. Reduce the cost buying in bulk.
"My little Bailey is a Maltese and absolutely loves the Merrick Bully Sticks. I buy them in large quantity, not only for the savings, but also because I never want him to run out of these special treats..."

Merrick Beef Pizzles (6 Inch; 25-Pack)
6 Inch
25 Sticks Pack

Price: $77.69

Buy Merrick Beef Pizzles (6 Inch; 25-Pack)
Buying this delicacy dog treat you can be assured of great taste and supreme quality of American made bully sticks. Take advantage of free shipping for the 25-case of premium bullies.
"I purchased the 25 ct because my dogs love these bullies. The 9 in stick keeps both my 50 lb terrier mix and my 100 lb rottweiler busy for 30 to 60 min..."

Merrick Bully Stix Dog Treats (25-Pack)
9'' and 12''
25 Case

Price from: $125.09
Free shipping

Buy Merrick Bully Stix Dog Treats (25-Pack)
Adored by all dogs with no reported exceptions, Merrick bully sticks are occasionally reviewed as somewhat stinky items. Still dogs are so hooked on Merrick bully bones, that usually owners reconcile themselves to this small inconvenience. However, keep in mind this circumstance while buying the chews in bulk.
"Both my dogs love this treat. My only complaint is the bully sticks are very smelly. Small price to pay."

Merrick Bully Sticks Dog Chews (9 Inch; 50-Pack)
9'' Length
50 Bully Sticks Case

Price: $189.44
Free shipping - enter coupon code: FREE

Buy 9 Inch Merrick Bully Sticks for Dogs in Bulk (50-Case)
Looking where to buy Merrick bully sticks cheap? Our wholesale offer for frequent buyers and breeders is beyond competition - 2.5 dollars per 6 inch stick made in USA from American ingredients under renowned Merrick brand.
"Merrick makes some of the better treats for dogs and I am more than willing to pay for it..."

Wholesale Merrick Bully Sticks (6 Inch; 100-Pack)
6'' Length
100 Wholesale Pack

Price: $263.77
Free shipping - enter coupon code: FREE

Buy Merrick Bully Sticks Wholesale (6 Inch; 100-Pack)
20 meters of bully sticks, that sounds quite impressive. Big hounds should have large chew treats. Mondo bully stick is an ideal chew for dogs over 40 lbs. Please take note that being made from pure bull pizzle, this natural product may vary in size from 24 to 36 inches. Oops, some bulls have them longer than others...
"Merrick Mondo bully stick keeps our 9 month Old English Sheepdog busy longer than all other treats we have tried. It is funny to watch him try and figure out how to tackle it..."

Merrick Mondo Stix Bully Stick Dog Treat (24-36''; 25-Case)
24-36'' Length
25 Mondo Stix

Price: $285.75
Free shipping

Buy Merrick Mondo Bully Stix (24-36''; 25-Pack)
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